Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles

Accident victims all over California can get legal help

Michael Ehline is our lead lawyer. He is a veteran of the Marine Corps and has been a lawyer before. Since 2005, Michael has fully represented and helped clients with their personal injury and workers’ compensation claims. Our charming spinal cord injury lawyer helps all kinds of people who have been hurt in the spinal cord.

How can Ehline’s spinal cord injury attorneys assist me?

In Los Angeles, spinal cord accidents are common and are usually the fault of someone else’s carelessness. Serious harm cases need to be handled by lawyers who are experts in their fields. Get help from a Los Angeles critical injury lawyer who knows how to handle spinal cord injury cases to protect your body and your rights against an insurance company or another culprit.

What causes so many spinal cord injuries (SCI)?

Our skilled staff has already won cases involving spinal cord injuries and fought for SCI clients. Our Los Angeles spinal cord injury lawyers and legal staff help people with other spinal cord injuries, like disk burst fractures, neural lacerations, or injuries to the spine that were caused by someone else’s carelessness and are making it hard for them to move around.

How can spinal cord injury victims protect their compensation?

If you don’t know what caused your spinal cord injury or the injury of a loved one, you should talk to an experienced personal injury lawyer at Ehline Law in Los Angeles. Our skilled lawyers will look into your accident and help you figure out who is responsible for your sexual problems, beating chest, fresh violent tendencies, neck pain, blood clots, and other body issues.

We’ve been handling major accidents for years, and we also have injury lawyers who are experts in cases just like yours and can help you figure out how to file a spinal cord injury claim. We have the tools to get lifetime bills for sufferers and their families.

A spinal cord injury at work or elsewhere?

In Los Angeles, most spine accidents happen at work. If you fall or lift or bend incorrectly, do repeated motion injuries like picking fruit, or have your tailbone or another limb crushed by machinery, you could damage your spine and nerve roots permanently.

Need an accident lawyer?

When accidents at work hurt someone’s spine, they may have a lot of choices for keeping track of things like getting money to cover many losses. People can get money when they can’t do normal daily chores because of pain or problems with their internal organs. This can cost you your job or even cause your death without your consent.

Because it’s “no-fault” insurance, our company won’t have to show that the company was negligent or at fault in order to get money from them. We will pay extra attention to people who are paralyzed and others who have been through a serious twist or spine injury, for example.

Injury Claim Case for a Third Party?

The National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center says that regular car accidents, including accidents involving pedestrians, are the main reason why people hurt their spinal cords or other body parts. If someone else caused someone else to hurt their spine, the second step is to talk to the Los Angeles spinal cord injury lawyers at Ehline Law Firm about a third-party insurance claim or a personal injury case for any amount that is due.

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