Attorneys for Uber Accidents in Los Angeles

Claims involving the carelessness of rideshare drivers are our forte. Get a No-Cost Consultation Now! The city of Los Angeles in particular has seen a meteoric rise in the use of ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft. Residents now have the option to use these firms’ pleasant transportation services without having to own a car, according to the predicted 60% growth of the ridesharing market size this year.

However, what is the protocol in the event of an accident involving one of these vehicles? Also, what if an Uber driver runs you over when you’re crossing the street? Find out how Uber and Lyft compare and contrast in California, as well as other rideshare accident claims. Michael Ehline, a world-renowned Uber accident lawyer, is here now to take your crucial call and fight for the maximum recompense you deserve for your injuries or family member’s death.

What Should You Do If You Have an Uber Accident?

Assembly Bill 5, which recognizes incorporated “gig workers” as employees of the corporation, has made the legal landscape much more complicated for Uber drivers. The 2020 Proposition 22 overturned Assembly Bill 5 and officially designated rideshare drivers as independent contractors, thanks to the approval of both voters and rideshare firms in California. Certain “engaged time” rights for independent contractors are also unclear.

In 2021, word got out that a judge in Almeda County’s superior court had ruled that Proposition 22 was unconstitutional and thus unenforceable. After the ridesharing businesses threatened to challenge any official judgment on the matter, Proposition 22 remained in place during the ongoing court fight. Getting compensation for an accident that wasn’t your fault might be tricky due to the confusion surrounding Uber drivers’ rights and the law. Get in touch with a seasoned personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles if you’re an Uber or Lyft driver who was involved in an accident caused by another party’s carelessness.

Claims affect insurance companies’ finances

The investors of insurance businesses feel the pinch when claims processing cuts into their earnings. You may have heard that insurers engage in “bad faith” activities for this reason. Requiring superfluous paperwork or outright denying a claim without good cause are two examples of these practices that could cause claims to be delayed. When it comes to dealing with insurance companies, Ehline Law has seen it all. They’ve helped many victims get the recompense they deserve. Get in touch with our legal team right away since the statute of limitations in California only permits victims of automobile accidents to submit personal injury claims two years subsequent to the event.

What Should an Uber Accident Passenger Do?

Fear and shock are normal reactions to an accident, but you need to keep your cool and ask the driver to pull over to a safe spot so you don’t get hit by another car. First things first: if you’ve been in an accident, you should call the police and ask for assistance. Authorities in the area will make notes and include an officer’s assessment of the incident in the police report once they visit the scene of the accident. In order to file claims, you must have this crucial piece of paperwork.

Collect proof: Taking photographs of the accident site and the cars involved is the simplest approach to collect considerable evidence. The photographs will help the insurance company determine the level of damage and assign blame, since California is a state that bases its decisions on responsibility. Keep track of the driver’s personal insurance details, car registration number, and license plate. Make your way to a hospital: It doesn’t matter if you’re feeling OK.

A fast medical evaluation is always a good idea. Internal injuries don’t show up right away, and waiting too long for medical attention might cause problems. You should not delay in having a medical evaluation after being involved in a ridesharing accident since doing so can help your personal injury claim. Consult an attorney: The intricacies of the law make it generally difficult to pursue personal injury lawsuits against ridesharing providers. Nonetheless, victims of accidents involving Lyft and Uber have been able to collect the compensation they rightfully deserve with the assistance of our personal injury lawyers.

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