Bus Accident Lawyer Los Angeles

Is a bus accident lawyer in Los Angeles County, California, someone you’re looking for after a terrible bus accident? Have you or a loved one ever been in an accident involving a private bus driver rear-ending you or a Los Angeles public bus? Did a school bus accident include your child? Did a Los Angeles tour bus slam into you or did your bags fall on you?

If that’s the case, you should see an attorney without further ado lest you be held financially responsible for the accident-related costs and time away from work. City and tour bus accidents, both interstate and intrastate, are the specialty of our top-tier bus accident lawyers.

Require the Services of an Enthusiastic, Reliable Attorney?

My name is Michael Ehline, and I am an attorney. Ehline Law Firm is home to me, a seasoned bus accident lawyer in Los Angeles. In Los Angeles County, many experts still recommend buses as the safest and most dependable form of open-road passenger transportation. Chauffeured passenger transportation to and from airports like Los Angeles International Airport is something I’ve done with many vehicles. Accidents involving motor vehicles, including bus crashes, occur frequently in Southern California. Claims of negligence are common in Los Angeles court proceedings.

A competent attorney is thus likely to be required of you at this time. My practice focuses on the law of commercial transportation and catastrophic bus accident injuries.
If you want to win large instead of just getting peanuts, I can provide you legal direction, help you concentrate, and win big. For more information regarding victim rights and laws, or to schedule a free consultation, please call our office.

Assisted in Los Angeles Bus Accident Safety Legislation?

A federal traffic safety measure in the United States was partially written by myself. In my practice, I have represented injured victims of bus accidents in Los Angeles in a variety of cases against careless tour operators and their insurance providers. You and other victims of bus accidents in Los Angeles may rely on my case-by-case assistance in pursuing compensation from both private and public entities.

A Bus Accident Lawyer’s Time Is of the Essence
Unlike in a typical passenger vehicle accident, the injuries in these mass casualty events are severe. California Civil Code Section 2100 classifies all drivers for hire as common carriers. Public entities may also be subject to streamlined procedures for submitting claims involving bus accidents. As part of your no-cost consultation with a caring lawyer, you have the opportunity to question our bus accident lawyers about this very thing.

Insurance companies for private businesses like casinos or tour bus companies won’t pay reasonable medical expenses without fully examining liable parties. Tort claims act regulations and strict timeframes apply to school buses. Our compassionate bus accident lawyers make it simple.

Note: Call 9-1-1 for life-threatening Los Angeles bus accident injuries. Despite being an employee filing a Los Angeles bus accident claim, keep reading if it’s safe. It’s smart to see a qualified Los Angeles bus accident lawyer as soon as possible. We can even aid with a school bus accident and are available 24/7 to address your crucial Los Angeles bus accident legal questions.

What makes a Los Angeles bus accident lawyer necessary?

Getting hurt on a Metro or L.A. Dash coach is the last thing anybody plans on doing. Still, hundreds of people who are lucky enough to escape serious injuries that need hospitalization due to road trip accidents each year suffer permanent disability or death. Victims’ relatives may be entitled to collect damages from the operating municipality or private corporations in wrongful death or severe injury lawsuits. For every mishap, no matter how big or little, we find the party at fault.

Imagine if a motorbike accident involving many automobiles left you or your loved ones hurt. Is there a clear aggressor? The award-winning legal team offers free consultations to victims and their families, combining dynamic professionalism with compassion. Our personal injury lawyers will assess the possibility of financial recovery and award eligibility after a thorough review of relevant data. For the purpose of proving your bus accident case, we will question eyewitnesses and look for proof of any safety enforcement infractions. Also, we assist anyone who have been injured by the autonomous electric transit buses in Los Angeles.

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