Best Apps to earn money in 2024

In today’s era, every person wants to earn money online. Sources of earning money online have increased a lot, but many people still don’t know how to earn money online.

Let me tell you. How can you earn money online and what are the methods through which you can earn money online very easily?

Well, there are many apps through which you can earn money online, but I will tell you a few apps through which you can earn money very easily.

Best online earning apps in 2024

  • TikTok
  • Snack video
  • Twitter (X)
  • Fivver


Today our first app is Tik Tok. Tik Tok is a short video platform through which people get entertainment. It has become so popular that they thought of giving long video option on their Tik Tok as well. Also earn from it and that too.

The option to upload long videos on Tik Tok has been added.By uploading long videos you can monetize Tik Tok and earn money from monetization.

You should have about 10 thousand followers on Tik Tok and 1 Lakh Qualified Views within last one month then you can apply for Monetization of Tik Tok and earn money.

Snack video

Sneak video is also a short video platform which has come to compete with Tik Tok it has paid a lot of money before but it is still possible to make money from it but now it has become quite difficult through Tik Tok like up monetization.

You can earn money Snack video app doesn’t provide any monetization option so you can earn money live by sending diamond to your fans which will benefit you.

Twitter (X)

A few months ago, Twitter was bought by Elon Musk. After the purchase, Twitter was renamed to X. Apart from that, many changes were made on it. Like Tik Tok, X was also monetized.

Within the comments of your Twitter post you will have ads showing which you can earn money from.

You must have 500 followers and five million impressions within the last three months and you must have a blue tick, then you can apply for Twitter monetization and get your Stripe account for payment.


If you have any skill, write an article or design a website, if you have any kind of skill, then you can earn money from it. Through this app people can sell their skills and earn money from there.

Fiber is an app that lets you create your own gig and earn good money.

People are earning millions of rupees through fiber, you can also make your own gig and put any type of advertisement there and the more your gig ranks, the more customers you will get and your people’s earnings.


In this article I have told you guys in full detail about four such apps through which you can earn a lot in 2024. Just try these four apps and which app you have more expertise in. You guys can make your own job in this app.

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