Best Cheap Car Insurance In Texas

Texas doesn’t need everything to be big. In Texas, you can get car insurance for a pretty low price. We looked at Texas car insurance rates from major companies to help you find the cheapest ones.

Speeding ticket holders in Texas may receive affordable vehicle insurance.

In Texas, a speeding ticket makes car insurance rates go up by 13%. The exact rate hike will be different for each insurance business. You can still look for the best car insurance, even if the rates are higher. The best Texas car insurance companies for people with a speeding ticket are Germania Mutual Group and Geico. If you have a speeding ticket and are looking for Texas car insurance, please get prices from these companies.

Texas drivers who damage others might receive inexpensive vehicle insurance.

If you hurt someone in a car accident, it will be harder to get cheap car insurance. In Texas, our research showed that the average rise was 46% higher for people with a bad driving record. If you hurt someone in an accident, Germania Mutual Group and Texas Farm Bureau Group may have the best prices out of all the insurance companies we looked at.

Cheap DUI automobile insurance in Texas

Texas car insurance rates go up by an average of 52% if you have a DUI on your record. You can still look at different car insurance quotes to find the best deals. From the Texas car insurance companies we looked at, Esurance and National General are the cheapest for drivers with a DUI.

Cheap Texas auto insurance for poor credit

If you have bad credit, Texas car insurance companies will usually charge you more. When it comes to Texas, people with bad credit pay 64% more for car insurance. Esurance and National General might be good options for you if you have bad credit and want to find cheap car insurance in Texas.

Texas auto insurance discounts for young drivers

In Texas, adding a teen driver to your car insurance coverage makes it 87% more expensive than for a married couple who doesn’t have a teen driver. If you want cheap car insurance for kids in Texas, you might want to get prices from Redpoint County Mutual and Chubb.

Texas has no mandatory vehicle insurance reductions.

Different states usually require different rates for car insurance, but Texas is one of only a few that doesn’t specify any discounts. Instead, insurance companies decide which deals to give and which ones not to. Some common types of savings are price cuts for covering more than one car, having a clean driving record, grouping your auto and home insurance, being a reliable customer, and being a student.

The cars in Texas that cost the least to insurance

Depending on the type of car you own, you might be able to save money on your insurance. If you look at the average rates for 50 of the most popular 2021 models in Texas, the Honda CR-V LX, the Subaru Forester 2.5i, and the Hyundai Tucson SE are some of the least expensive cars to insure. The 20 least expensive ones are shown below.

Texas law says you need car insurance

If you cause a car crash, liability insurance can help you get out of trouble. It pays for accidents and damage you cause to other people, but only up to the limits of your insurance. People can still sue you for accident bills that are more than your liability insurance limit even if you only have a low amount of liability insurance.

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