GAA not returning in Genshin Impact’s 2023 summer update, according to leaks

This year’s holiday plans are due for a change.

The Golden Apple Archipelago has become a holiday destination for Genshin Impact players. For the past two years, HoYoverse hasn’t failed to bring players back to the summer islands filled with puzzles, Chests, and refreshing limited-time stories. But this year, leakers allege that the developer might change things up a bit. Instead of a relaxing summer at the beach, players could be expecting an exciting theme park adventure in Sumeru.

According to leaker @merlin_impact, Version 3.8 could possibly introduce players to a new area called Penumbra. While they haven’t confirmed the specifics of the location, an image they shared of the map is indicative that it will be located in Sumeru. The carousel and roller-coaster motifs also suggest that it may be a theme park or a similar attraction.

The map above showcases tracks that circled around the area, which are reminiscent of tracks used by roller coasters. The umbrella pattern is also similar to that of circus tents and carousel rides. Additionally, the leaker shared an image of a dungeon that will allegedly appear within Penumbra, supporting the idea that the area may be inspired by a theme park.

The name “Penumbra” was first leaked in 2022, when it was already predicted to release in Version 3.8. However, most players were under the impression that it would be a lore-filled area like The Chasm or an initial look into Fontaine. But with rumors of the beloved GAA taking a break from tourists this year, players might be in for an exciting summer adventure in the intimidatingly-named Penumbra.

Genshin Impact hasn’t officially confirmed any of the information above, so take them with a grain of salt and know that changes in the actual area release are inevitable.

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