Genshin Impact Barbara build

Genshin Impact’s Barbara is the adorable idol from Mondstadt, and makes for an affordable, F2P healer. Leave the healing to her, she won’t disappoint you. Genshin Impact’s Barbara is a self-proclaimed idol who is loved by every citizen in Mondstadt. This four-star hydro character can provide some decent heals and is best placed in a support role. … Read more

Genshin Impact Dehya build

Genshin Impact’s Dehya is a five-star pyro claymore wielder, let us give you a rundown on her best weapons, build, artifacts, and more. While there are heaps of new characters to fawn over since our arrival in Sumeru, Genshin Impact’s Dehya certainly doesn’t intend on getting lost in the fold. This gorgeous gal wasted no time in stealing all … Read more

Genshin Impact Amber build

Genshin Impact’s Amber is the last remaining Outrider of the Knights of Favonius, beloved by the people of Mondstadt. So let’s take a look at her best build. Look out, world! Genshin Impact’s Amber, the only remaining Outrider of the Knights of Favonius, is the top gliding champ in Teyvat. Ever optimistic and free-spirited, Genshin’s Amber is the first character … Read more

The best science games on Switch and mobile 2023

Our list of the best science games on Nintendo Switch and mobile offers you the chance to restore the environment, fight aliens, and even cause the apocalypse. Whether you’ve got a degree in particle physics or you used to fall asleep in the biology lab, there are science games out there to suit every person’s interests. Surprisingly … Read more

GAA not returning in Genshin Impact’s 2023 summer update, according to leaks

This year’s holiday plans are due for a change. The Golden Apple Archipelago has become a holiday destination for Genshin Impact players. For the past two years, HoYoverse hasn’t failed to bring players back to the summer islands filled with puzzles, Chests, and refreshing limited-time stories. But this year, leakers allege that the developer might change things … Read more

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom ingredients

Let’s cook up some smashing snacks using the very best Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom ingredients – here’s where to find them and which to look for. Cooking is an integral part of all our lives – especially Link. So, here are some Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom ingredients we recommend, along with where to find them … Read more