Best Cheap Car Insurance In Florida 2023

Florida speeding ticket holders may get cheap vehicle insurance.

If you get a ticket for speeding in Florida, your car insurance will go up by 25%. The exact rate hike will be different for each insurance business. Shopping around for the best car insurance will cost you more, but you can still do it. If you get a speeding ticket in Florida, Geico and Mercury have the cheapest average car insurance rates for you.

Florida drivers damage inexpensive auto insurance.

If you hurt someone else in a car accident, it will be harder to get cheap car insurance. Our research showed that drivers with a bad driving record saw their rates go up by an average of 41% in Florida. Geico and Travelers may have the best prices among the companies we looked at if you hurt someone in a car accident.

Cheap DUI auto insurance in Florida

People in Florida whose insurance rates have been raised because of a DUI go up by an average of 33%. You can still look at different car insurance quotes to find the best deals. From the Florida car insurance companies we looked at, Geico and Bristol West (a division of Farmers) are the cheapest for drivers with a DUI.

Low-cost Florida auto insurance with low credit

If you have bad credit, Florida car insurance companies will usually charge you more. When it comes to Florida, people with bad credit pay 52% more for car insurance. Geico and Bristol West (a Farmers company) might be good choices for you if you have bad credit and want to find cheap car insurance in Florida.

Discount for older adults

Florida drivers aged 55 and up who have taken an accident prevention training approved by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles can get a discount on their car insurance. The deal is good for three years and can be renewed. To get it, drivers must also pass a written test and show a proof of completion.

The Florida cars with the cheapest insurance rates

Based on the average rates for 50 of the most popular 2021 models, the Jeep Wrangler JL Sport, the Subaru Crosstrek, and the Forester 2.5i are some of the least expensive cars to insure in Florida. The 20 least expensive ones are shown below. Popular cars like the Lexus ES 300H ($3,535 a year) and the Tesla Model S Performance/Plaid ($5,140 a year) cost the most to insure in Florida.

Longer PIP coverage in Florida: What Is It?

The basic Florida PIP lets you get up to $10,000. Extended PIP doesn’t pay more than $10,000, but it does pay for all hospital bills (instead of just 80%) and 80% of lost wages (instead of 60%). You can still get new services and a death payout. Even so, with a $10,000 cap, you can hit the PIP ceiling very quickly.

Insurance for Liability in Florida

In Florida, you have to have liability insurance for property loss. This insurance pays for other people’s damage if you cause an accident. You can also buy physical harm risk in case you are responsible for an accident that hurts someone seriously. Fla. is a “no-fault” state, but someone can still sue you for a car accident.

Coverage for Uninsured Motorists

One problem with Florida’s low insurance standards is that people who hurt other people badly might not have insurance to pay for their medical bills. If another driver hurts you badly, you can sue them, but if they only have PIP and property damage coverage, they won’t have the right insurance to pay for your claim.

Coverage for both collision and comprehensive

Your car can get damaged by a lot of different things besides crashes. You should have accident and comprehensive insurance on your car if you want to be safe, especially since Florida could flood. Both collision and comprehensive coverage will pay for theft and damage to your car from things like storms, floods, fire, crime, and collisions with other cars, animals, or items.

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